Monday, December 14, 2009

Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet Review and Giveaway from Piece of Me

Piece of Me was given the awesome opportunity to review a Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet. This item is a must-have for those that do not like to floss. I have to say that I am definitely one of them. For some reason I forget to floss every night. I hate admitting it to my dentist but I always fess up. The Waterpik Ultra removes bacteria from the mouth that brushing and flossing cannot reach. If you want healthy gums you've got to try this item. Make sure you enter at Piece of Me, she is giving away three Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet's to some very lucky winners. Giveaway ends on December 15.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Relish! Giveaway from Lucky Canuck

How would you like to have someone make your menu for the week and your grocery list? I would LOVE it!! Lucky Canuck has a Giveaway to Relish! for one lucky winner. Being a mom of 2, this would be such a time saver because each meal only takes 30 minutes to make. Relish! lets you pick your dinner entrees and sides for 5 days. Then it generates your grocery list. Your grocery bill will be under $85! That is a huge savings for my family. We spend about $200-$250 every 2 weeks. You have until December 3 to enter so hurry up!!