Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Winnings...

When I started entering giveaways back in September, I never imagined I would really win anything. Do you ever hear people say that "I never win"? Yep, I was one of them. Here is a list of items that I have won.
- Nursing tank top (blog giveaway)
- Joshua Bell CD (blog giveaway)
- Lee Jeans (facebook giveaway)
- Tickets to Imagination Movers and Princess Katie and Racer Steve (blog giveaway)
- Green Recycling Toy Truck (twitter)
- Day Planner (blog giveaway)
- Diaper bag (blog giveaway, I only won because the first winner did not respond so the blog owner picked a new winner)
- J&J gift basket and gift card (twitter)
- Overnight bag (blog giveaway)
- Dockers (blog giveaway)
- Rembrandt whitening system (blog giveaway)
- Kids apron and bib (blog giveaway)
If I remember anything else, I will add to this post. I have won a few books but did not add them to the list.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Isn't winning fun?

Entering giveaways has become part of my daily routine. I started back in September of 2009 and haven't looked back. How can I when I have won some wonderful items? The winning always seems to comes in waves. I win about 3 or 4 things in about two days and then I don't win for a week. It's those 2 days that I win items that keeps me going. I told my husband I wanted to keep a list of everything I have won so I thought I would do it here. A new blog post will be added to list everything I have won. Hopefully I won't forget anything. I haven't won anything really big just yet but maybe in the near future. My mom and sister are hoping to get into the action and I've started giving them some tips on how to do it.
1.) Make sure you have an email address that is set up to receive emails from bloggers. Don't forget to check it everyday. Most bloggers will only give you 24-48 hours to respond before they pick someone else. I won a beautiful diaper bag because someone didn't respond in time.
2.) Open a twitter account. You can get extra entries for tweeting and following bloggers and their sponsors.
3.) Open a facebook account. Many bloggers will give you extra entries if you become a fan on facebook.
4.) It would probably be a good idea to start a blog. I started this blog only to help win giveaways. Many bloggers will give you extra entries into their giveaways if you blog about it.

BEWARE: Once you start winning, you will be hooked :-) I will post more about giveaways soon.... Good luck!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Giveaway from

If I could win one giveaway, this one would be it. is giving away a Sealy Posturepedic Signature 11-Series innerspring mattress. There are so many reasons why my husband and I could use a new mattress. First of all, the mattress that we have now is extremely outdated. This was my husbands mattress before we got married. After sleeping on it for so many years, it sinks in the middle, even when we flip it over, it still sinks in the middle. My husband and I have been having back pains almost every morning. I wake up almost every night around 4:00 and can't go back to sleep for about an hour because of the pain in my back and neck. We have been talking about getting a new mattress along with a new bedroom suite but we have had so many set backs in our finances that it is not going to happen in the near future. This past year we moved because of a transfer in my husbands company, we had a baby boy and I ended up staying home with our two children so now we only have one pay check coming in each month. Getting a new mattress would be so amazing! Now that my son sleeps through the night, this should mean that I can sleep through the night but unfortunately it is not happening. A good night sleep would make mommy and daddy very happy :-)