Friday, September 30, 2011

Can I please review a Sodastream Fountain from BzzAgent with a Cherry Cola on top?

My family would love for me to review the Sodastream Fountain from BzzAgent. There are 4 soda drinkers in my house and I am tired of buying bottles of soda. My husband drinks only diet soda and my children like the flavored sodas. I like diet, flavored and I think the Sparkling Naturals sound delicious.
I am trying to teach my children to be environmentally friendly and if we could reduce the amount of plastic bottles we throw away plus use tap water instead of bottled water, it would be a great start. We also love the different flavors that are offered by Sodastream and would be more than happy to review just about all of them and since they have fewer calories than bottled sodas, I wouldn't feel guilty giving my children homemade soda.
Oh, we also have all the neighborhood children that come to our house and would love to try out the Sodastream as well. We don't know anyone that has a Sodastream so not only would this make me the coolest mom on the block but everyone that came over to my house could see how awesome the Sodastream is and run out and get one.
Please BzzAgent, pick me to review the Sodastream. I will give you my honest opinion and share it with all of my friends and family. Pretty please??

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